Press Release: CAO Board Demonstrates that it has Repaired Damage Done by Prior Board Leadership – Community Action Organization of WNY


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L. Nathan Hare

CEO/Executive Director

Community Action Organization


CAO Board Demonstrates that it has Repaired Damage Done by Prior Board Leadership

Board now meeting funder and government regulatory requirements

BUFFALO, NY May 8, 2019 – The Community Action Organization of Western New York met Monday, May 6, and demonstrated that it has moved quickly to re-constitute the board’s membership and committees in keeping with state and federal regulations and its bylaws.

Starting about 18 months ago, former directors tried to take over CAO governance and agency operations by illegally removing board members, holding illegal secret meetings, and by attempting to oust its CEO, L. Nathan Hare. Those illegal acts included a steady effort over months to deliberately reduce the number of board members and false claims that those actions were directed by New York State, placing the board at odds with state and federal regulatory guidelines.  Former board leadership deliberately caused attrition down to only 9 active members of the 18 authorized by the bylaws. The bylaws require that several important actions require 10 affirmative votes.  Accordingly, a number of actions were not legitimately taken by former board leadership.  In addition, several meetings were orchestrated by the former leadership without notifying all members, without taking any minutes, and with several other serious legal errors.  All such improper practices have been terminated by legitimate actions of the full board after proper notification was given to all members and new distinguished members were elected to the board.

When the board met Monday, now chaired by Chief City Court Judge Hon. Craig D. Hannah, representatives of the New York Department of State were also present as they are for most CAO board meetings.

The board, which is required to represent the community, as well has have city, county and national appointees now has 15 members.

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